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We understand it's never been easier for fraud prevention hence we can offer you:


Customer Analytics and Consulting

Analytics customer credit or financial background for customer risk assessment, to reduce payment fraud or fake accounts.


Fraud Detection and Prevention

Instantly know which devices and people that you should be prevent via Device Number Check or People Identity Number Check, helps you stop the fraud before it is happens.


Intelligence Risk Control

Cutting-edge real-time fraud intelligence risk control, terminal security and big anti-fraud data technology to fully meeting your business scenarios and risk control.


Anti-fraud Score

Identify customer fraud risks, effectively helps financial institutions for risk pre-positions, and stop fraud in a timely manner.


Device Verification Service

Device identity verification, device hardware details check, nature person identification check with multi-dimensional matching, combined with credit records and risk assessment, to identify the risk level.

Device Fraud Detection Solution That You Can Count On Us