Our Advantage

Decision Making & Analytics

Transforming data into actionable insight to help reduce credit risk for your business

Reliable analytics data helps make fast, efficient decision for strategic business plan

Technical Advantages

Credit evaluation risk control.

Based on deep learning technology, the multi-platform data source is integrated and the analysis accuracy rate is over 90%

Device Check

Ensuring the mobile numbers you collected are accurate and consistent

Risk free from mobile number via Mobile Number check

Hardware KYC (Know Your Customer)

Knowing your customer better via hardware check

Building trusted relationship with customer when you know your customer better

Learn about our intelligent risk control
Help you stop fraud before it happens

We understand your business challenge toward global market, at eSecureNow, we strive to help online businesses reduce the costs, time, and the challenges faced to the fraud.
We are committed providing complete and multidimensional information, to help our customers avoiding the fraud and credit risk, and making right decision and achieve the business goals.

Products and Services

Fraud Prevention Platform
Risk Management / Financial

Real-Time Fraud Intelligence monitoring helps understand situation and making accurate decision for competiveness business strategy.

Financial / Credit Service

Checking customer credit or financial background for risk assessment, to reduce payment fraud or fake accounts.


Device Fraud Detection Solution That You Can Count On Us